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Do you know those characteristics of ceiling artifacts?

2021-04-27 03:50:23

The ceiling artifact is also known as the ceiling king. It should not be unfamiliar to everyone, and there are some masters! Its special type is used for decorating suspended ceilings to improve the high efficiency of decorating suspended ceilings. What are the characteristics of the ceiling artifact? Symboan (Zhejiang) fastener equipment sorting and sorting shared with everyone, looking forward to a certain degree of assistance to everyone!

Using the new-style decoration ceiling nail shooter , this product Wu Wu has structural damage to avoid the safety hazards of water seepage, and prevents earthquakes from falling after vibration. The nail material is not easy to rust and erodes for 30 years, and the noise is small, and the safety factor is high. how is it? Bull!

Breaking through the tower, the ceiling artifact-the characteristics of nail shooting have the following aspects:

1. Unique appearance design and comfortable grip. It is not only convenient to hit the ceiling, but also to hit the left, right, and road surfaces. It is safer and more convenient than traditional impact drills or nail shooters .

2. The actual operation and application are very convenient. Filling, binding, holding the butt tightly and pressing lightly to fire in time, driving the nail tube forward, so that the hydraulic cylinder is calibrated and ejected together.

3. The application can be trusted. Explosive natural gas acts on nails according to the indirect nature of the piston rod, with a lower rate and less damage to the substrate.

4. Set up a bomb ejection organization to make the shells or duds withdraw from the chamber smoothly and quickly.

5. Lightly press the firing force 100N (standard for nail shooter detection).

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