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Advantages of ceiling nail shooter

2021-03-19 03:17:33

Compared with traditional nail shooters , ceiling-mounted nail shooters are more stable and convenient. Because it is mainly used to decorate ceilings, cable bridges, ventilation ducts and other fixed upper end projects, and the construction conditions of the project are not subject to any restrictions, its actual operation is convenient and fast, the construction efficiency is high, the tensile strength is strong, and it is stable and reliable. Reliable, it is called "ceiling device" by many netizens.

There are mainly two types of roof nails ready to go, flake and powder. The main component of sheet roof nails is nitrocellulose . Because it is not sealed, if it is stored for a long time or after being damp, it will easily reduce the firing rate and cause dud bombs. There are two types of powdered needles. One is a double-tap powder produced with a special formula, which burns sufficiently and has little residue; the other is ordinary black powder, which has a large sulfur content and a large amount of residue, which is highly corrosive to the launch tube. The powdered double-base medicine is not easy to be affected by moisture due to the sealed type, and the firing rate is high. The firing rate of this type of integrated nail is more than 98%.

Because there is a steel sheet hanging partition between the front end of the integrated nail and the base, the power of the steel nail is quite buffered when it is hit into the base, thereby reducing the impact force caused by the nail on the wall base, so the actual impact force and hammering effect Similar, even smaller than the impact force of electric hammer or percussion drill.

The ceiling nail shooter is very powerful and can replace expansion bolts. Can easily penetrate 10 cm steel plate. The suspended ceiling construction designon the projectcan be easily operated within 5 meters of elevation, without climbing frames or ladders. At the same time, the ceiling is energy-saving, friendly, dust-free, and the construction process is simple. Under normal conditions, only one person can carry out the decoration and construction. First install the screw rod on the ground, and the whole process of driving a nail during the operation generally does not take more than 30 seconds. The ceiling operation makes the ceiling process easy and easy, so that the ceiling operation process is easy and fast. Because there is no need to do high-altitude operations, the probability of industrial accidents is reduced. , No need to use an electric hammer to drill the eye, but directly inject the nail into the concrete, no dust pollution, simple operation steps.

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