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Ceiling artifact! Nitrocotton nails in one!

2021-04-27 03:48:59

Symboan (Zhejiang) Fastening Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed a technical innovation of nitrocellulose solid rocket fuel integrated nailing products with the help of aerospace military technology . It has unique product structure and characteristics, and has developed a subversive to traditional construction technology. The transformation of the company will no longer have to impact electric drills, folding ladders, and power plugs. It is a new and new technology product that replaces the old processing technology. Professionals call it the "renovation ceiling king" and "ceiling artifact". The new nail shooter has a unique appearance design, comfortable grip, convenient actual operation, light weight, and convenient use. The new nail projectiles also replaced the copper shells commonly used for nail projectiles. In addition to saving a lot of rare metals, the manufacturing cost was greatly reduced; in addition, the safety factor was greatly improved. It will not explode if it is beaten or rubbed, and it will not explode if it is only ignited by fire.

The special tool for tightening the nails sent by Shengboan is suitable for all kinds of tightening engineering constructions on various wall tops. For example, all kinds of work clothes, light steel keel partition wall decoration ceiling, high and low wire and casing laying, strong and weak current cable trays are fixed; fire safety standpipes, sprinkler devices are fixed; air-conditioning ducts, ventilation ducts , Fix the wall tops of sewage pipes and other equipment.

Application field of nail shooting in supporting facilities

During the operation process, the construction team should select suitable supporting facilities to shoot nails according to the difference of the raw materials and compressive strength of the base material to carry out the actual construction operation of the project.

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