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Safety device of nail shooter

2021-03-19 03:26:12

The nail gun has a perfect stability design and is very stable in use. Guns are not weapons, but they are equally dangerous. Because the nail shooter uses a nail shot to ignite gunpowder as a power source, people naturally associate it with a gun. In order to ensure the stability of the nail shooter users and others, and improve the reliability of the nail shooter installation, strict safety devices are designed for each nail shooter. These generally adopted insurance measures are:

1. Direct pressure insurance: Press the nail camp on a flat surface with your hands until it is flush with the protective cover, so that the nail shooting machine can catch fire.

Second, the firing needle spring insurance: for some nailers, the firing needle spring is not compressed before the squeegee machine, the firing needle does not work.

3. Fire zone fire zone insurance: the nail shooter will not cause a fire if it accidentally falls on the ground.

4. Tilt protection: Press the nail tube into the foundation plane, and shoot when the laying axis deviates from the plane perpendicular to a certain angle.

The nail won't work anymore.

5. Protective cover insurance: Most nail guns are equipped with a protective cover to prevent impact damage caused by the nail gun.

Because of the wide variety of nail shooters and the wide range of applications, their specific applications are different. In order to meet these requirements, most injectors are equipped with some accessories. For these accessories, their purpose should be clarified for correct use.

Construction requirements

Before construction, technicians should implement this measure to every operator. Those who have not participated in the study are not allowed to participate in this work. The person in charge of the construction unit shall explain the construction steps, content, division of labor and safety precautions to each operator, and prepare the necessary tools and equipment.

At the construction site, a set of reliable water supply pipelines should be installed and ensured that the pipelines are unblocked. They can be used only after being checked by the person in charge of construction. Otherwise, iron buckets should be used to divert water manually. Within 20m of the construction site, the person in charge of construction should arrange for someone to clean the floating coal and dust, and sprinkle it with water, and prepare 2 qualified dry powder fire extinguishers.

3. The work place should be equipped with a part-time tile inspector by the ventilation team to check the gas concentration in the air flow within 20 meters of the work place. Only the gas concentration of not more than 0.5% can be put into use.

When using a nail gun to work, the operator should hold the handle of the gun firmly, and pay attention to keeping the focus, so as not to injure the operator and nearby operators.

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