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Know the nail shooter

2021-03-19 02:26:45

The nail shooter is also called a nail shooter, because its shape and principle are similar to a pistol, so it is often called a nail shooter. It is a fastening tool that uses blank ammunition, gas or compressed air as power to drive nails into buildings.

The nail gun is an advanced modern fastening technology. Compared with the traditional methods such as pre-buried fixing, grouting, bolting, welding, etc., it has many advantages: it has its own energy source, which eliminates the burden of wires and air ducts, and is convenient for on-site and high-altitude operations; quick operation and short construction period , Can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers; reliable function, and can even solve some construction problems that were difficult to solve in the past; save money and reduce construction costs.

Nail shooter is a product of modern button fastener technology, which can shoot nails and belongs to direct consolidation technology. It is a commonly used hand tool for carpentry and building construction. The nail shooter hits the nail and drives it directly into a substrate such as steel, concrete, masonry, or rock. , Does not need external energy such as power supply, air duct, etc., because the nail shooter itself contains drugs that can generate explosive thrust, and directly shoots the steel nails, thereby firmly connecting the parts to be fixed, such as doors and windows, insulation boards, sound insulation layers, decorations , Pipes, steel parts, wood products, etc. Use matrix.

According to the principle of action, nail guns can be divided into two categories: direct action nail guns and indirect action nail guns. The direct-acting nail shooter uses gunpowder gas to directly act on the nail to push the nail to move. Therefore, when the nails fly away from the nail tube, the speed is high (about 500m/s) and the kinetic energy is large. The gunpowder gas of the indirect nail shooter does not directly act on the nail shooter, but on the piston in the nail shooter, and the energy is transferred to the nail shooter through the piston. Therefore, the speed at which the nail leaves the nail tube is low.

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