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Installation method and operation requirements of nail shooting device

2021-03-19 02:57:29

Setting method

1. It is not recommended to use a nail shooter to operate on soft foundations, such as wood or soft soil, as this will damage the brake ring of the nail shooter and affect normal use.

2. For solid objects with soft texture and extremely low strength, such as sound insulation boards, heat insulation boards, grass fiberboards, etc., if ordinary nails are used to fix the objects, the solid objects will be damaged. Therefore, nails with metal gaskets should be used , In order to achieve the ideal fixed effect.

3. After the nailing is installed, it is forbidden to directly push the nail tube by hand.

4. Do not point the bullet with the bullet at others.

5. During the shooting process, if the nail projectile does not catch fire, you should stop for more than 5 seconds before shooting to move the nail projectile.

6. The nail shooter should be removed before the nail shooter is used or repaired or maintained.

7. For soft materials (such as wood), use fasteners or substrates to shoot. Choose the power of the nail bullet to be appropriate. If the power is too large, the piston rod will be broken.

8. The nail shooter has been used for a long time, and the vulnerable parts (such as piston ring) should be replaced in time, otherwise, the power of the nail shooter will be reduced (such as reduced).

9. After the bullet is fired, the nail parts of the gun should be wiped or cleaned in time.

10. There are manuals for all kinds of nail shooters. Read the manuals before using them to understand their principle, performance, structure, etc.

Please follow the disassembly methods and precautions.

11. To ensure the health of you and others, please strictly use the corresponding nail shooting equipment.

Work requirements

1. Operators should be trained to be familiar with the performance, function, structural characteristics, and maintenance and use methods of each component. Other personnel are not allowed to use it without authorization.

2. Before operation, a comprehensive inspection of the nail gun should be carried out. The shell and handle of the nail gun should be free of cracks or damage, the protective cover of each part is intact and firm, and the protective device is reliable.

3. It is forbidden to push the nail tube with the palm of the hand or aim the muzzle at a person.

4. When firing, the nail gun should be vertically pressed down on the gun body, and the trigger should be pulled twice. When the bullet is not fired, the original shooting position should be maintained, and then the nail gun should be withdrawn after a few seconds.

5. Before replacing parts or removing the nail gun, the nail gun cannot contain any kind of ammunition.

6. Overload use is strictly prohibited. Pay attention to the sound quality and temperature rise during operation, and stop using it immediately and check if any abnormality is found.

Seven, the nail gun and its accessories, bullets, gunpowder, and nails should be separated and kept by a dedicated person. Distribute in strict accordance with the quantity of the operator's picking list, and take back all the remaining and used cartridges. The distribution and recycling should be checked and consistent.

8. The point of injection should not be too close to the edge of the building (not less than 10 cm), so as not to break the wall and cause personal injury.

9. It is forbidden to shoot in flammable and explosive places. It is forbidden to shoot on fragile or hard objects such as marble, granite, and cast iron. It is forbidden to shoot on penetrating buildings and steel plates.

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