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Floor nail

Floor nail

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It can be widely used in concrete, brick masonry, hollow brick, and mosaic walls to complete the installation and fastening of various internal and external wall insulation layers; such as decoration ceiling, bridge hoisting, pipe hoisting, home decoration, integrated ceiling, angle iron fixing , Steel plate butt joint, etc.



1. No manual drilling is required, and it will not be affected by the artificial drilling depth. The depth of the wall is uniform, with an average of 25MM

2. It will not be affected by the tightness of artificially screwing the nut, and the anchoring force is very stable.

3. One person can easily handle the construction process, no need to drill first, then install and fasten, saving trouble, time and labor.

4. Low labor intensity, no dust, and high efficiency.

5. With connecting rod and telescopic, workers can complete high-altitude operations standing on the ground.

6. Use the nail shooter to drive the integrated nail into the concrete. The principle of thermal expansion and contraction is used to make the nail and the concrete tightly welded together. Its upper limit force is 935KGS.


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