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Widely used in the fastening operation of concrete, brick masonry and steel structure and other substrates;

It can be used in various suspended ceilings, ventilation pipes, water supply and drainage pipes, and cable trays.


Technical parameters: 

suitable for double-click propellant type and nitrocellulose type integrated nails with a nail length of 19mm-42mm ;

It can be applied to the tightening operation of concrete and steel substrate with strength not higher than C50;

Thread extension rod adjustment range: 0.6m-3m;

The quality of the nail shooter: about 1.6kg;

The overall length of the nail shooter: about 385mm;

This nail shooter complies with the technical and safety regulations of GB/T8763-2002



Simple structure, high quality, professional technology manufacturing, safe and reliable, light and beautiful, high construction efficiency;

The length can be adjusted at will, the operation is simple, safe, and convenient to carry, no need to pull the wire box to set up a scaffold;

Can be equipped with a portable handle suitable for narrow construction environment

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