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Integrated nail shooter for ceiling drilling—recommendation from nail manufacturers

2021-03-19 04:07:33

In the ceiling decoration of a new house, there is a difficult process, that is, when installing the keel, it is necessary to punch holes at the top. In the past, the drill was drilled with an electric hammer, but the drilling strength of the electric hammer was difficult to control. Drilling deep will damage the top, and drilling shallow ceilings will feel very weak. And as soon as you get in, dust is everywhere, and harmful substances are sucked into your body. It is not only inefficient, but also harmful to health. Now experienced masters don’t need electric hammers to make holes in the ceiling. Only when they ask, do they know that they are not only strong but also fast!

This new type of device is a nail shooter . The so-called nail shooter is to directly hang the ceiling rod in the fastener hole and shoot it into the wall. Fast operation and stable construction. Just control the length of the ceiling rod in advance. If you are experienced and agile, ordering ten in one minute is not a problem, it directly saves the construction time of the decorator.

And as long as you remember these two points, you can do it at home. First determine the length of the boom according to the distance from the wall, and then fix the boom with nails. Then put the nail gun into the nail gun and fire directly to fix the ceiling on the ceiling.

Don't worry about whether the nailing machine is strong enough. Can easily penetrate 8mm steel plate. One shot can hit the roof directly, very sturdy and reliable.

Do not climb on the ceiling to generate dust when decorating the ceiling. It only takes 15 seconds to install each boom, and one person can operate it.

Quiet work, reduce noise, thick stainless steel tube, precision thread is more stable.

But the cost of the nail shooter is relatively high, and there is considerable danger, do not point at people when using it. Don't put it under the spotlight when not in use. When operating, try to arrange professionals by your side.

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