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Why choose ceiling nail shooter? Nail manufacturers analyze for you

2021-03-19 03:33:24

The fixed effect of the hanging nail shooter is still relatively good. Compared with the traditional hanging electric drill, it saves manpower and material resources, and achieves a considerable purpose very conveniently and quickly. It is said that the ceiling is just a simple process, and the effect is the same as that of ordinary people. Compared with the traditional electric hammer installation method, the suspended ceiling simplifies the construction of electric hammers, steel ladders, etc., and also eliminates tedious work such as climbing up and down, lifting forwards and backwards, and power dragging. Only people need to stand where nails are needed. Use the suspended ceiling to face the desired location and push it gently to complete the job. This process only takes 20-30 seconds, which saves a lot of time, money and material resources to a considerable extent.

Lifting is a major innovation to the traditional ceiling technology. Traditional installation methods such as electric hammers and ladders are no longer used. Continuous construction can be performed without power supply. This reduces the possible harm caused by the use of electric hammers and high-altitude operations, reduces noise, and is lightweight. The convenient installation process greatly reduces the difficulty of construction; the use of lifting tools can save 60% of the lifting time. The installation time of the entire lifting project can be reduced by more than 20% compared with the traditional lifting process, which greatly reduces the labor cost. Such a convenient and efficient third-generation ceiling tool not only simplifies the ceiling construction process, but also makes the operation more convenient and can reduce installation costs. This kind of revolutionary product can be called a "ceiling device".

Compared with the decoration ceilings used by people in the past, the use of electric hammers will cause a lot of dust, which will directly fall on the head and face of the construction workers; the eyes and even the direct breathing lungs are very harmful to human health. And the suspended ceiling can solve these problems very well.

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